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Prevention Plus (TM)

This is the supplement that we here at Asylum Angel Bulldogs give our dogs and all of our pups from day 1 of weaning. We strongly recommend that this supplementation continue once our puppies are in their new homes as well. We will be adding a link to the bottom of this page very soon for direct ordering, to make it easier to obtain this amazing product.




Small Container will supply:
up to 6 months... small breed
3 months... medium breed
1-2 months... equine

shipped priority mail 

Total: $39.00 USD per jar

double the size of the small 

shipped priority mail 

Total: $73.00 USD per jar

  shipped priority mail

 Total... $345.00 USD

Shipping to US included in price

For shipping to Canada please add $20 for international shipping costs

Canadian shipping for 5 large or 10 small is $40

For all other countries please check with your counties customs to make sure importing pet supplements are allowed and then email Prevention Plus directly for shipping costs.

Order via PayPal by clicking the above link or send check or money order to:

Prevention Plus

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Wildwood, FL


Tired of replacing dysplastic pups & kittens?  Prevention is a multivitamin, mineral and herbal supplement designed to prevent deficiencies that may exist in your dog's nutritional intake.

Prevent....immune deficiencies
Prevent....joint pain
Prevent....dull coats
etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.


Prevention Vitamin & Mineral Food Supplement
Prevention is great for young and old dogs, cats, equine alike, building their immune system and helping combat joint related problems and eliminating pain and discomfort.Prevention has testimonials stating that older dogs with crippling dysplasia were up and acting like pups within 3 days!

The most complete health nutritional product available!

 Prevention...for dogs, cats and equine of all ages...DAILY SUPPLEMENT



Nat'l CH. Joshua's Ol' Southern White aka "Josh"
Josh was certified OFA Excellent at 27 months of age...supplemented daily with Prevention.


The following x-ray was taken of Josh at age 11 years on Jan 18th 2008

Dr. Jim Rahn DVM took this x-ray and was absolutely astounded at Josh's hips saying: "I've never seen any breed of dog this age with hips this good. They are very tight, as if he is a 2 year old! It's obvious PREVENTION PLUS (TM) REALLY WORKS!"



PREVENTION PLUS (TM) has been the leader in producing a nutritional supplement to improve and prevent dysplasia in the canines since 1998. PREVENTION PLUS (TM) has Human-grade pharmaceutical ingredients that are 100% all-Natural.

Now the NEW & IMPROVED formula has new and exciting advantages added to the original formula.

Some of the improvements are listed below.

Anti Worm Parasites
The herb wormwood serves as a natural de wormer while black walnut hull and myrrh extract adds the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria, parasites and destroy viruses.

Lean Muscle Mass
Gamma oryzanol has proven to enhance lean muscle mass, adrenal hypo-function nervous tension and helps fight free radical damage and aging.

Vitamin C Complex
The vitamin C complex sodium ascorbate, calcium ascorbate, acrirola cherry extract combined to make a arthritic blend of Vitamin C and promotes the production of collagen which is the cement that holds muscles together. NOTE: Acid forms of vitamin C cause joint and tissue injury.  Without the right forms of vitamin C the ligiments weaken and cannot hold the joints together.  Most dog formulas use the synthetic acid form of vitamin C which is also very unstable.

Amino Acids L-carnitine and L-histadine The amino acids L-carnitine and L-histadine are integrated to promote energy, reduce cardiac stress, promote liver health and enhance the entire formula to better prevent and fight arthritis 
type conditions so often found in dogs.

Bovine Glandular Extracts
A blend of bovine glandular extracts has been introduced in PREVENTION PLUS TM. The health of the adrenal glands is imperative to keeping down inflammation and promoting ligament integrity. The pituitary gland is an important gland that helps regulate growth and controls the secretions of other endocrine glands.

Thymus Gland
The thymus gland is also of vital importance to the animals immune system elevating the ability to fight infections. Included in the complex is the health of the hypothymus gland which helps keep your dog alert while providing a strong, healthy reproductive system. The improvement to PREVENTION PLUS (TM) makes it unmatched in the effort to provide dogs, cats and equine with longer healthier lives.



Dysplasia is an abnormal formation of the hip socket. Dysplasia in its more severe form, can cause crippling lameness and painful arthritis of the joints. Dr. Gary Schnelle in 1945 was the radiologist at Angels Memorial Hospital at Boston, Massachusetts and he reported in The North American Veterinarian Journal the condition which he called "Congenital Coxofemoral Subluxation". Though "congenital", means "existing at birth but not hereditary". Dr. Schnelle therorized, a recessive gene was the cause. Dr. Schnelle's initial observations were in cocker spaniels, terriers, etc.. notice these are small breed dogs not the larger breeds that most blame today.

Veterinarians have been taught that hip dysplasia is hereditary. They believe it is caused genetically and environmentally as dysplasia is found in many animals including humans. However, more and more Vets are using PREVENTION PLUS (TM) to combat these so called genetic problems and having great results.

Dysplasia, is the most common single cause of arthritis of the hips. In the normal hip joint, the femur (thigh bone) is connected to the pelvis at the hip joint. While bones provide the strength necessary to support body weight, cartilage ensures a smooth fit and a wide range of motion.


*Notice how tight the ball of the hip joint is in the socket...Pictured below


Picture is of 11 year old American Bulldog (OFA Excellent, top rating)
maintaining a daily diet of Prevention Plus.
(American Bulldogs are known to be 70-80% dysplastic)


When a dog has hip dysplasia there are abnormalities. In the picture below, instead of the joint being tight, the femur fits into the pelvis partially thus a loose fit. When the hip joint is loose degeneration of bone then occurs causing pain and discomfort within the joint.



PREVENTION PLUS (TM) is recommended for dogs, cats & equine of all ages.

Breeders of American Bulldogs, Rottweilers, Great Danes, German Shepherds, Cane Corsos etc. are having great success preventing canine dysplasia and joint related problems with the supplement PREVENTION PLUS (TM). This supplement has been formulated to provide mega doses of the ingredients needed to ensure your pets being able to produce Collagen. In lay terms Collagen is the protein, the intercellular cement that binds tissue, making ligaments and tendons strong as well as strengthening all other structures in the body. Good quality Collagen is dependent on ascorbic acid in ample supply. Why? Ascorbic acid is absolutely essential to life and the living process. All living mammals either produce it themselves or get it from their diet, or they die within 3 months. There is absolutely no other vitamin deficiency that works this quickly. In short, ascorbic acid prevents scurvy, immune problems, combats stress, toxins and helps maintain the growth and maintenance of connective tissue. Ascorbic acid is the protector of biochemical balance in your pets body.


The Problem
Next to humans dogs and cats are two of the worst producers of ascorbic acid , producing only 40 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. Humans produce no ascorbic acid, therefore no collagen unless received in the diet. Perhaps this makes it clear why so many humans have to receive joint replacements. And still, many continue to think dysplasia is all genetic. 


Let’s look at the facts and use God given common sense:

Fact: Stress depletes an already low ascorbic acid output in our pets.

The Stress Factor
* Separation from mother at weaning
* Puppy shots and worming
* Cropped ears, docked tail
* Teething
* House breaking
* Obedience and conformation training
* Growing 
* Travel
* Environmental changes etc.

Because stress eats the low level of ascorbic acid naturally produced by your pet, the pet produces little or no collagen. As stated before, collagen is essential for healthy joints.  PREVENTION PLUS (TM) aids in preventing this from happening. By giving a daily supply of this awesome supplement, you will provide more than enough vitamins, minerals and herbs for your pet to produce the amount of collagen needed to produce healthy joints.

A. Leigh McBride, D.V.M.
"I've used Prevention Plus for 9 years with astounding results!"

PREVENTION PLUS (TM) is a terrific supplement that I have found to benefit greatly in preventing immune deficiencies and joint related problems. I and my clients are enjoying tremendous success preventing canine dysplasia and panosteitis, aka “growing pains,” with a daily diet of PREVENTION PLUS (TM). I am a breeder of AKC Rottweilers, German Shepherds and Great Danes all renown for dysplasia and panosteitis. I recently x-rayed 6 of my Rottweilers that have been on PREVENTION PLUS TM since before birth, having given PREVENTION PLUS (TM) to their dam. All 6 have excellent hips! In addition, none of my pups including the Danes have had growing pains. Needless to say I am very excited about PREVENTION PLUS (TM).


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